About Nyam Nyam

This site is devoted to Nyam Nyam, a Hull band active from 1979 to 1984, who recorded for Factory Records and Situation Two, were described as “great white hopes” – and then disappeared without trace. The site’s been launched to celebrate the reissue of Nyam Nyam’s debut album, Hope of Heaven, by ltm recordings, in November 2012.

The main line-up for Nyam Nyam was Paul Trynka (guitar, vocals, etc), Trevor Simpson (bass, gtrs) and Steve Jessop (dms).

The band’s first recording, Knowledge, recorded the summer of 1980, was included on the Hull compilation album Mrs Wilson’s Children, and includes founder drummer, Steve Jones. The band’s debut single, Laughter, recorded August 1981, featured drummer Jock Lurie and synth-player Tim Allison. Drummer Steve Jessop joined in June 1983; the line-up with Tim and Steve later recorded Fate/Hate, the band’s single for Factory, produced by Peter Hook. Although Tim dropped in for the album sessions, the band’s LP, Hope Of Heaven, and subsequent EP were recorded by Paul, Trevor and Steve, augmented by Paul Moller, who played sax and violin.

We’ve tried to include the memories of everyone who was involved in the band. If you crossed our path, please email us, info@nyamnyam.co.uk

Likewise, if you’re one of the select few who have heard of Nyam Nyam, please do comment here, and email us with your thoughts, photos, memories or mockery.


One thought on “About Nyam Nyam

  1. I was a student in Hull from 1987 to 1990, and I happened to wander into a record shop on Newland Avenue and entirely blindly bought The Architect EP (probably because I was a 4AD fan so the cover appealed to me). It still is one of the best things I have ever heard. I had no idea the band were local, and I could find nothing out about them (the internet was non-existent then). Shame that some bands that deserve to do well don’t, while the likes of Lady Gaga….well….you know what I mean.

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