So long ago

Nearly three decades ago, a Melody Maker writer said of Nyam Nyam: “if this were to sell in huge quantities, pop music will never be the same again.” It didn’t, and it was.

Since those distant times, fans of esoterica have searched out some of Nyam Nyam’s records, most recently in the wake of the reissue of Fate/Hate, the band’s sole single for Factory Benelux. Now LTM Recordings plan to reissue the band’s sole album, Hope of Heaven, complete with extra tracks. In time, there’s a possibility of other releases of previous unreleased material.

Over the next few months, we’ll update this site with news on the release, information about all the people and songs, and other items. Please comment or email us if there’s anything you’d specially like to see here.


3 thoughts on “So long ago

  1. utterly thrilled ‘hope of heaven’ is being released on cd format. your album has consistently always been in my top10 albums ever since it was released. hopefully this will be a catalyst for a new recording or some live dates if it’s feasible. best wishes for the re-release and the future it was worth the wait [on a par with the blue nile in my humble opinion !!!]

  2. utterly chuffed that james nice pursued you to re-release your outstanding album and singles from the archives. to have a digital cd release including ltm sleevenotes will be such a unique experience as i, along with others, thought it would never happen (for me a notable comparison would be seeing the blue nile live for the first time as i never thought that would happen either – a band i personally hold you in the same regard as there is a similar beauty in the ‘space’ of your recordings
    compliments also for the bonus of a new recording also, i hope this is the catalyst for a new project.
    best wishes for the re-release

  3. Thanks, folks, that’s really appreciated.

    Yup, there’s one new track one here, recorded in Hull a few weeks ago. A strange experience, utterly surreal in that it was just the same as it ever was. (An old friend, Grant, from my very first band played drums but we are in touch with our drummer, Steve, too). Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding a lot more info on the album, there might even be photos of us now (all benefiting from the advent of modern photoshop retouching techniques). Cheers, Paul

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